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Episode 57: Embracing Soft Girl Summer: Canadian Adventures, Family Fun, and Mastering Your Success

Can you feel it? Summer is finally here, and this episode is all about embracing the 'soft girl life' while making the most of the warm months in Canada. Join me as I share my excitement for family camping trips, complete with a tent trailer and rechargeable fans, and the second annual Johnson Family Cookout filled with good food, great company, and memorable moments.

But wait, there's more! I also discuss the recent launch of my masterclass, "Your Success is Inevitable," designed to help you identify and share your gifts, and build unshakable confidence in your business and brand. Listen in as I reflect on the journey of creating this masterclass and express my gratitude for all the support received. Don't miss out on this episode packed with summer plans, personal growth, and exciting updates!


Hello and welcome to another episode of the Vivien Claire podcast. Thank you so much for joining me. You know I understand life is a busy, so if you're taking the time to listen to this, yo, i appreciate you more than you know you are a real one. So I'm just going to start this episode off with kind of a little rundown of what's been going on in Claire's life, and it's been like, i feel, like a lot of things in one hand And then in the other hand, i'm like it's been really chill.

People have been talking more and more about like this soft girl life And I'm leaning all the way into it. But right now it is June, which means summer is upon us, and many of you know I am in Canada, just outside of Toronto, and yo, the winters be wintering, okay, straight up in Canada. And I can't even speak for all of Canada, because if you're on the West Coast they probably have some of the best weather. They get a lot of rain, but it's not as cold in certain parts of the West Coast. But since, you know, we really just get two good months we get July and we get August that are hot, hot May we get half a May, maybe September, half of September is warm, you know. So if you come up to Canada or maybe you're already Canadian, so you're like yo, i know what it is, claire, i know the vibes. You will see people I feel like in April are wearing shorts, t-shirt, flip flops, and it's still cold.

In April it might be like I don't know, 10 degrees Celsius. We'll have a random hot day, that's like 15 or 20 degrees Celsius, but we don't care. We are outside because we get such a short amount of time of good weather. And here I am in Southern Ontario complaining about the weather. Okay, talking about how we only get a couple of months. If you go to Northern Canada, they get even less. Right, we're really fortunate. Like it gets cold outside of Toronto, but it's like our snowstorms aren't as bad, like we'll get like one heavy one every year And then it's like okay, it's okay. But other parts of Canada, like Alberta, they're getting snow in, like September sometimes, like we hit snow around me, maybe December. It hasn't been snowy for Christmas for a minute, but like January we're getting snow. So it's not on the scale of the world weather, it is not the worst, but I'm going to complain because It's the weather, you know.

But as summer comes I have a really busy summer scheduled and so much of it is just going into time with my kids and my family. We have a pop-up tent trailer and last summer we bought it. So we only went out with it twice And let me tell you that first time we went out like before my husband and I had kids we camped a lot and I remember that first camping trip where we had never camped before. We went in like May, it's still pretty cold and we brought just like a blanket from my bed, like we grabbed like two pillows, a blanket from my bed and we were in a tent and we were like we're good, it's all good, we were freezing that night.

So the first time out with the tent trailer felt like that, but a little more comfortable, because we were kind of learning everything all over again. You know how to set up the trailer. This that tips tricks. So this summer I'm really excited for our trips because we know more. So the luxury of having the tent trailer is going to be in full swing because I'm telling you I am not wanting to lay on an air mattress anymore in my old age And my age is not that old, but I love camping and I love the outdoors so much like hiking, being at the beach, doing all the things but I need to be comfortable when I sleep. So one thing that we bought for this year was a rechargeable fan, because one of the times we went out last year it was hot.

I felt like we were in like a metal box, even though our tent trailer is not metal, but it felt like that. At night I was like, whew, i was having all of the thoughts as I was baking and I am someone who needs to be cold when I sleep. So we bought some rechargeable fans. I think that's going to make this year camping much more comfortable. So I'm really, really looking forward to that. This summer We have some trips with friends. You know some cottages. We throw a cookout every year, which is really fun, really, when I say every year, we've always thrown my son's birthday parties and birthdays in the summer, so we've always thrown like barbecues for him. But as he's getting older, he's not really wanting to do the birthday party vibe anymore And I'm like you know, when I was a kid I would stretch my birthday parties as long as I possibly could, but he's too cool.

So last year we had a cookout and we just invited all our friends and family, and we're doing it again this year, so it is the second annual Johnson family cookout. So that is something I am definitely looking forward to. You know, have all the good foods. You got people outside grilling, you got people inside cooking. Everyone's having fun, the music is good, so that's going to be a really great part of summer And, as I said, the life updates really just like planning for summer has been a huge part of what I've been up to. I also launched my new masterclass Your success is inevitable And I want to touch on that for just a moment And I have done so many online courses and I've really been fortunate to have been able to share my online courses and my resources with literally thousands of people have come into my network.

You know, with the stuff that I offer And I saw so often that people were not taking action. I get DMs all the time. I'm clear I don't think I'm good enough, i don't have the confidence to do it, or they will have a whole course written out, filmed, ready to go, but have not made the step to put it out to the world, or they don't want to do an Instagram live, they don't want to reach out to that brand, they don't want to start their store. There's so many things that you know. I have these conversations about people and they're holding back from what they are so capable of doing. So I created this masterclass because I was like, okay, if I look at myself, people will often say to me Claire, you're a really confident person. And, of course, i have days where I'm like I'm just not feeling it. But I guess you could describe me that way I am someone who takes action. So if I want to do something like launch a course or, you know, when I open my salon or reach out to brands, i will do it. I take action. It makes me nervous sometimes, but why do I take this action?

What are the things in my life, the principles that I live by, that allow me to do this? So I was like yo, i figured it out and I'm like there are three core principles that I have in my life that allow me to be confident in what I do and make the bold moves and take action. So this master class has been sitting on my heart for a long time and I finally, you know, got it filmed and put it out there And it was really well received so far. So it's just is, when I think about it, i'm just filled with so much gratitude. You know the people who, like, supported me by purchasing the course, the people who shared it, the people who, you know, spoke my name in a room of opportunity that had someone else share it. I'm just really, really forever grateful and I know that it's going to be something that's going to help people move forward. And in the master class we talk about your gifts and I believe, like literally through my whole body, that everyone has gifts they can share with others.

And my gift is the ability to see success in others before they do. And that has been a theme throughout my whole life. And I think that's part of why I wanted to make this master class, because I was like, when I talk to people and they tell me about their dreams and their ideas, i'm like, yo, yo, this is going to be so amazing, but they can't see that next step, or they can't envision themselves in the position where they're like OK, i got over the hump, i did it, i made the moves and I have the ability to see that. So, yes, your success is inevitable. Principles to build unshakable confidence in your business and in your brand. Get into it. I'm going to link it below if you're interested in checking it out. It is a short master class like it's under 45 minutes And when I was creating it I was like I feel like it should be longer, it should be longer. But then I was like, no, i'm not just going to fill it with, you know, filler to make it longer. No, it is no fluff, it is all business, it is all strategy, because we don't necessarily need something that's 25 hours long, We just need the principles and the actionable steps to take it to the next level.

So that was something really, really big in my life getting that master class up and off the ground. I've also been really in my gym girl era. If you've listened to my episode where I talked about my wellness journey, i'm still on that. I'm still hitting the gym. It's always one of those things that, even though I have moved further to the other side of being confident in my body and my abilities, there's still days where you know we're just kind of like eh. But this summer I am doing a couple of things that are going to help me lead into body positivity more and more throughout the summer. So I'm going to actually record that as an episode for you guys because I think it's really good And even if you're someone who is like yo, i feel really good about my body. I mean, we all have these days or these moments of self doubt where we're just like I don't know, you know. So that episode is going to be really good, with some things that I am doing, because I am someone who definitely has those days every once in a while. What else is happening? as far as lashes, i am still doing extensions for my OG clients. Okay, i don't take new extension clients, which has been something that has been really hard because people still reach out to me and my clients are so amazing at referring me out to other people.

But I just I don't have the time and I have to a lot my schedule in a certain way, because I've come to the point where my lash extension schedule is really. It's really good if it's my life and it fits my current clients life that I have, like my clients book at the same date and time every two or three weeks. They have their slots. So bringing in new extension clients can be difficult even around that because people need different times. People want evenings, they maybe want Sundays, which I don't work, but it's always hard to be like, no, i can't take you. You know, i still do quite a bit of lash lifts, which I absolutely love. Lash lifts I love them because when people open their eyes, extensions is similar. But When you open your eyes for extensions, you're expecting a result. Right, you're like, okay, it's extensions. Of course I'm going to see a change. But with lash lift, people don't think their lashes are as long as they are and when they open their eyes and they're like these are my natural lashes, i just I absolutely love that reaction. So lash lifts will always have a place in my heart.

Extensions to, of course, extensions. You know they're the baddest in the game, but Lash lifts are just my love for a different reason. So the podcast I know I'm just all over the place, but I feel like there's so much I just have to talk about The podcast. So we are going to be sharing tips and business tricks, like I have been through the podcast, but I want to be weaving more into some different lifestyle topics. So we are talking about, you know, home life. We're talking about parenting I'm going to have my husband on, he's a personal trainer and wellness coach but we're just gonna be talking about different things there and just life, relationship, stuff, gardening, like I just want to get into so many different topics and we can. This should be another topic in itself.

We can get stuck into these niches and in business And I've even talked about this niching down, niching down, niching down but I do think it is really important in your business. If you're someone who's multi-passionate, like me like I love a lot of different things am I gonna monetize everything I like? No, but I have a lot of interest that I want to talk about and I want to share, and I know that people find interesting because when I stray away from business advice, people are like oh, okay, okay, i'm into that, right. So it's good to have some sort of outlet, creative outlet or platform that you use for just talking about the creative thing that you like, and this podcast, i think, is going to evolve into that more and more. It's just kind of gonna be different topics. Sometimes I'm gonna have guests on, you know, kind of when the mood strikes, sort of topics. And then obviously, there's gonna be things that are more formal, like my blog is more formal, okay, my Instagram has more formal information, pinterest, like there's a lot of, obviously, platforms that we're all on in entrepreneurship. But the podcast is really going to be an expression of self And, of course, i'm gonna talk business tips and tricks, because that is part of my self expression And, like I said, i wanna have guests on about all different topics and it doesn't always just have to be.

You know, what you do is your skill, like if you're a lash artist, but what else are you doing? You know, what else is there about you that you wanna tell the world? And with the podcast, i believe it's going to be something that is easier to get moving because as much as and I've talked about this the podcast is probably the easiest piece of content that I put out for all my platforms that I'm on, all the graphics I put out videos, everything. Podcast is the easiest because I can literally be in my pajamas and record, unless I chose to film it. But it's something that I found a struggle to be consistent with And I think, because it is so informal, it becomes kind of like. I'll get to it later sort of idea for me And because I was like I was pre-planning a lot of stuff and putting topics into. Like I had this spreadsheet, these topics I wanted to talk about And, like I said, i want it to be more of a self-expression thing. Sometimes the topic didn't really go with what I wanted and then it would just kind of throw me off, like I'm just keeping it 100% real.

So and I also in my house I talked about this on Instagram the other day I haven't had somewhere that I can create in. I was always moving to different parts of the house to do content creation, to record the podcast, like I was moving everywhere. And now I made a setup in my home where, you know, i have my camera, i have my lights, i have my computer, i have my microphone setup. So I think it's gonna be much, much easier to put out this kind of content because I have it set up in a space, like it's not in a closet, in a box that I have to get out and then find a space in my home that's quiet. So I'm looking forward to that and hopefully, you know, breeding some more consistency with the podcast, because I really do enjoy it And I know the people who listen to the podcast I like get a lot of really good feedback.

So this episode is coming to an end. I'm closing it right now. I just want to give you an update of what's going on, what I've kind of been thinking, what's been swirling around in my brain And, as always, thank you so much for taking the time to listen to this episode and stay golden.


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