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Having been in the lash industry 8 years I've tried it ALL, so when you find yourself ordering again and again from a brand it's something special!

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Here are some of my favourite products to add to your cart

Retention Adhesive

No matter how many other brands I try, I always go back to this. I love the retention and its performance when my lash room is in different conditions. 

Premade Fans

Premades have gotten a bad rap for a long time, but as someone who won first place in a lash competition for my handmade Russian volume, I can confidently say these are the BEST premades on the market. 

Down to fan tweezer

Whether I'm doing volume or classic, this is my go-to. 

Undo remover

The fasted and most gentle remover I've ever used.

Sensitive tape

I'm not exaggerating when I say I cannot lash without this tape. There are so many imitators out there, but this is the real deal! 

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